Last Stand

New year and new hope.

I’ll try to come back to FoF world if it’s possible.
My gear is old, my frets are outdated and my skill sleep cold… low chance to succeed.

WordPress have changed a lot, let’s see what can I do with his site.

Happy new year.

From now on this is just an archive. Nothing will ever be made.

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I’m sad for it…

I’m still alive but this project may never come back.

Some updates on the blog, links are up again.


I think Frets on Fire and Phase Shift are now too old and people don’t remember them. I think I’ll stop doing songs. Give some love and support if you want me back.

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Blog translated


I’m Spanish, but I wrote most of the blog on English.

Since Japan is the country witch visits more this site I’m thinking that I could have the site with translated entries to Japanese language.

If you know Japanese (learned or born Japanese) and you want to help me send me a email or comment.

Also with some help we would be able to make a easy guide to download the songs; the site I’m using is not too much user-friendly if you don’t know what the hell it says.


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WIP – New pack + remake blog


I have got a plan to remake my blog and finish a new songs pack   before 2013 .

The set-list i got on my mind is :

Supercell – Bokura no Asitao
Supercell – Kokuhaku
Katakiri Rekka – Answer
Boa – Duvet
Chatmonchy – Thermae Romae
茶太 – Nocte of desperatio
Foreground Eclipse – Flames Within These Black Feathers
Shoujo Byou – lunatic…
GUMI – Megu Megu Fire Edless Nigth
Sakine Meiko – Brigthny
Sakine Meiko – Spanky tonigth
Itou Kanako – F.D.D.
Orange Range – O2
Maon Kurosaki – Fuss Fuzz
Kenichi Suzumaru – Asunaro
Chouchou – Kawaru Mirai
Faylan – Bourei Tachi yo Yabou no Hate ni Nemure
Back-on – Hikari Sasuhou
The Tellow Monkey – Tactics
Izumi You – Dame
Abdingdon Boys School – JAP
Yui Sakakibara – Toki Tsukasadoru Juuni no Maiyaku
Marina Fujiwara – Daydream Syndrome
Kawada Mami – Borderland
Aoba Ringo – Senki no kotowari(long version)
Aimee B – Release My Soul
Aimi – Live for Life ~Ookami-tachi no Yoru~ [Done]
Girls Dead Monster – Morning Dreamer [Done]

I accept request, but I’m not sure if I will accomplish the request.

I hope to start to using YouTube again soon.

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New Upload site + YouTube Acc 2/3 to get banned

I’m starting to upload my stuff to a new site (new for me).


I’ll uploads the songs here. You can search for other things on that site. I upload much things; most of them from the university ( I’m studing Computer Science ) Why?: backup

About youtube; yes: 2/3 strikes to gte banned ;S


He encontrado un nuevo sitio para subir las cosas y voy a empezar a usarlo a partir de ahora.


Las canciones las podreis encontar aquí. Podeis echar un ojo a las demas cosas que subo a ese sitio. Suelo subir muchas cosas, sobretodo de la universidad (estudio Ingeniería Informática) ¿Por qué subir tanta basura? : Copia de seguridad.

Sobre YouTube: 2/3 faltas para que me baneen.

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Yousei Teikoku . one

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